What Is Fuel Polishing?


Over time, the fuel you store in your fuel tanks can become contaminated with water, sludge and microbial growth, so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to keep it clean.

Otherwise, you can find yourself having to deal with all sorts of other problems, such as engine breakdowns, blocked filters - or even complete power failure across your entire business premises which, depending on the industry you’re in, could be catastrophic.

This is where fuel polishing really comes into its own, the best and most cost-effective solution to making sure that your fuel is properly protected from contamination.

There are various solutions available, so it’s important that the fuel is tested and analysed first, so that the type of contamination can be identified and the right process selected. If your fuel is too far gone, however, polishing will have no effect and it’s likely that your fuel will need to be disposed of responsibly.

The process itself involves filtering the fuel through finer filters until it comes out clean and ready to be used. The good news is that it can be done without disrupting your business operations, with all your equipment still able to carry on running while the polishing takes place… so there’s no downtime for you to worry about.

It’s advisable to have your fuel polished at least once a year, although the regularity of it will largely depend on the application and what sector you work in. There are many benefits to polishing, ranging from avoiding the costs associated with disposing of contaminated fuel to not having to buy replacement fuel, saving you time and money.

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