Bunded Oil Tank Maintenance Tips


For many people, heating oil is a great way to heat the home in an environmentally and cost-effective way. However, an oil leak could potentially be damaging to the environment and could lead to fines and even prosecution.

It makes it essential for homeowners with bunded fuel tanks to ensure their tanks and boilers are serviced and inspected regularly. Not only will retailer maintenance save you money on costly repairs, but will also help protect the environment. Thankfully, oil tank maintenance isn’t difficult, and we have some tips for you here:

Regular inspections of your bunded oil tank

Inspections can help you spot any warning signs before they can become major issues. Look for signs of vandalism, general signs of wear and tear, or rust. Check the tank base for cracks and reside, as well as checking the bund layer for any liquid or rubbish.

Ensure accessibility

Your tank will need to be accessible for deliveries and maintenance, and therefore needs to be a location that can be easy to access, but it also needs to be hidden from view to protect it from theft or vandalism, as well as protected from the elements.

Clean your oil tank

Condensation can form on the inside of a tank, and the resulting waster can get trapped inside. In a metal tank, this could lead to corrosion, and in turn, leads to leaks. The mix of water, rust, and oil also creates a sludge that sits at the bottom of your tank, which can block filters and pipes if not removed. However, this is a task best performed by professionals as it can be dangerous.

A damaged tank can lead to huge costs for repairs, replacement, and even fines for leaks. Even a tiny amount of domestic heating oil can cause a huge amount of damage to the environment, which can threaten wildlife and their habitat, or even human life. It is vital that you take care of your bunded oil tank, and undertake regular maintenance.

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