How To Take Care Of Your Oil Tank In Summertime


With a serious uptick in the weather now being seen around the UK, it’s essential that households everywhere know what their responsibilities are when it comes to taking care of their domestic oil tanks over the warmer months of the year.

Winter is when your tank will be used the most, of course, because of all the cold weather driving you to turn the heating on regularly, which means it’s all too easy to simply forget about it during the spring and summer, when you’re not using the heating at all.

But now’s the time to make sure you do a little bit of maintenance work, so you know your tank will continue to serve you well during the colder months of the year, when the last thing you want is to encounter any problems with fuel supply.

It would be wise to carry out an inspection of your tank every few weeks during summer, looking for any damage to the shell of the tank, as well as for signs of leaks and spills. Check the pipe fittings, as well, to make sure they’re still fully functional.

And even when you’re not using your tank, you need to make sure that it’s still kept full of oil. If you don’t do this, condensation can form inside the tank, which can damage the internal casing and lead to rust.

You’ll also risk damaging the entire system, as bacteria can form on top of the condensation and then fall to the bottom of the tank and turn to sediment, causing all sorts of problems.

Now is also the perfect time to have your tank serviced, so if you know it could do with a professional eye, get in touch with oil tank installers RJ Tanks to discuss further.


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