Report Reveals Fuel Poverty Concerns Driven By Homeworking


The increase in homeworking that has been seen over the last year as a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions could potentially make it more difficult for fuel poor households, putting even more pressure on finances.

This is according to a new study, carried out by registration body for off-gas grid heating OFTEC, revealing that homeworkers have been paying an additional £45 a month in energy costs over lockdown.

It was also found that people living in the least energy-efficient properties have seen the biggest hike in their heating bills of up to £28 a month, compared to £1.31 for well insulated homes.

Oftec’s Malcolm Farrow said: “Rising energy bills are a hidden cost of the pandemic and it's concerning that vulnerable, fuel poor households in badly insulated homes are bearing the brunt of the increases.

“We must not dismiss this as a short-term issue. Many businesses have outlined plans to maintain remote working so this problem is only going to get worse over the coming months and years.”

Advice from the organisation to help keep energy costs down include adjusting heating timers so heating and hot water only comes on when it’s required, as well as only heating the rooms that are being used. Leaving devices on standby can also push costs up, while having heating systems serviced regularly can help improve efficiency.

A household is said to be in fuel poverty if their required fuel costs are above average and, if they were to spend that amount of money, they would be left with residual income below the poverty line.

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