Some Facts About Heating Oil


Autumn is certainly here, and winter is only around the corner. It means in the UK, we are all getting ready for the colder months, and getting the hearting ready to go for when the temperatures plummet.

How do you heat your home? It could be likely that you have a main gas connection and central heating connected to a boiler. But with gas prices looking set to soar this winter, you might be thinking about other cheaper options.

We have a look at some facts about heating oil:

What is heating oil?

Heating oil is a fuel that is burnt in oil-fired boilers and furnaces. It s similar to kerosene and is often used as an alternative.

Depending on what your needs are, you can use heating oil for homes and domestic properties, as well as industrial heating oil for businesses. Generally, homes that use heating oil do not have a connection to mains gas supplies, making heating oil the best option for heating in their boilers.

Heating oil has several names that all mean the same thing, including Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, 28 Second Heating Oil, Kerosene, and Paraffin.

Heating oil is relatively cheap, but like all fuel prices, it can cost more in times of higher demand, typically in the winter months. An emergency delivery in the middle of winter can often feel very expensive.

However, heating oil doesn’t vary in price as much as gas, which is infamous for being over-priced and constantly increasing in price. Heating oil can also be bought in summer when the demand is lower, and therefore the price too, making big savings compared to winter prices.

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