Why Use Bunded Tanks For Heating Oil Storage


Bunded oil tanks are durable, well-designed, and ideal for domestic heating oil storage. We have a look at the advantages of burned oil tanks, and how they can be of benefit to you.

With fluctuating oil prices, it’s important to ensure that your domestic heating oil supplies are stored securely, and that means making sure you use the right tank. However, unless you work in the industry, you may not know the difference between the tank options available.

It could be that you have never come across the word ‘bunded’ before, but if you were to spot one of these tanks, you would instantly recognise it for what it is. Bunded oil tanks have been used for many years in commercial and domestic situations, and have features that have made them a popular option.

A bunded tank is a tank-within-a-tank, meaning that if one of the tanks gets damaged or springs a leak, the oil will not damage the environment. The dual-skin nature of bonded tanks works to prevent the risk of leaks and help save you money.

Bunded tanks are also very durable and will last for many years. However, to ensure they last, it is important to protect them. Tanks in rural areas can be targeted by criminals, so make sure you increase security on your tank with locks and alarms.

You must also ensure that your tank is regularly serviced by an OFTEC-qualified technician to help prevent spills and breakdowns.

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